Chelan Starry Night 2009

Chelan Starry Night 2009 1024x768

The starry dark skies of Lake Chelan, WA September 2009. This photo is stitched together from 75 8-second exposures taken with a Canon XSi with a 50mm lens at F1.8 at ISO 1600 on a fixed tripod. The original photo was stitched together with hugin-2014 and is 15000x16640 pixels. My first attempts to stitch these photos together with Hugin back in 2009 crashed the program. The 2014 64-bit version of Hugin still crashes but at least produced an output file before it did ( it only took 5 years! plus 4 hours of number crunching ). Visible in this photo are stars down to about magnitude 8. The Andromeda galaxy is visible in the lower left and the coathanger cluster is seen at the mid right side. You can view a larger mid size (5680x4260) version HERE. This view is looking pretty much due East from the West side of Lake Chelan towards 4th of July Mountain. The glow on the right horizon is from the towns of Manson, WA and Chelan, WA about 13 miles down the lake.

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