Comet Pan-STARRS

Comet Pan-STARRS

Comet Pan-STARRS as seen from Hanes Warf Park in Edmonds on 21-Mar-2013. After waiting for a week or so for the skies to clear to get a chance to see the comet, I headed down to the waterfront to see if I could get an opportunity to catch a glimpse between rain storms. Got setup about 7:30PM, but a big cumulous cloud planted itself right where the comet was supposed to be. Waited for about an hour, and amused myself by taking sequential pictures of the clouds. Finally the clouds dissipated and the comet popped out. Yea! I've got a larger 30 second exposure at F4 55mm ISO 400 and a gif sequence ( of 13 second exposures ) of the comet setting over Blyn Mountain and Point No Point to the northwest. Enjoy!

Comet Pan-STARRS animated

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