Family Photos

Kids On The Harley (48Kb) - A picture of Jordan and Kelline ready to cruse the open road
Jordan and Dad's Glider (57Kb) - Jordan with dad's Schlicher KA6-BR 15M glider up at the Bayview airport.
Long John Silver (76Kb) - Long John Silver ( our great dane puppy ) at about 3 months. His rather striking coat is called merle.
Jordan and LongJohn (163Kb) - Jordan and LongJohn fixing the bedroom deck
Little Long John (187Kb) - Sometimes we forget how big LongJohn is
Dad and Weesa (57Kb) - Dad's newest toy, a 2000 Mazda Miata Special Edition
Driving Weesa (54Kb) - Ahh, the wood wheel and white dials of Weesa
Larrie and GiGi (48Kb) - Mom's 2000 Mazda Miata in Evolution Orange, one of only 644 in the US!
Family and Snowman (157Kb) - The family enjoying a rare Seattle snowstorm
All on the bow (135Kb) - The family on the bow of the Seeker
Sailboat and Mt. Rainier (78Kb) - A shot of Mt. Rainier with a Sailboat near Brown's Point

A new album with photos of our new dog: Here
Photos from our 2013 Vacation to Orcas Island: Here

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