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Semi Manufactures:

Actel Corporation's Home Page
AMCC Home Page
AMD Home Page
AMD- Non-Volatile Devices
American Microsemiconductor, Inc.
Atmel Semiconductor - Great Micros
AMP Connect Home Page, online catalog
Cirrus Logic's Crystal Products
CW Industries - Switches
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Fairchild Semiconductor
International Rectifier
Lattice Semiconductor
Maxim Home Page
Microchip Home Page
Mitsubishi Global Semiconductors
MMG Homepage
Motorola IC Products
NEC Semiconductor
OMRON Relays
Philips Semiconductors - Home
Pulse Specialty Components
SanDisk Corporation
SGS Thompson
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas - Opto Stuff
Siemens AG
Silicon Labs
Standard Microsystems Corporation
Stanley Electric Sales of America - LEDs
Supertex Home
Tripath Technology - Class-D Audio Amplifiers
Viewlogic Systems Inc. Home Page
Zarlink Semiconductor


AVDSI Panasonic Business Telephone Systems
Bay Area Labels
DC Electronics - DC KITS Home
Digi-Key Corporation - Fast, but expensive!
ElectroNet - Home Page
Future Active Catalog
Future Electronics - a global distributors of electronics components
Marshall on the Internet
Radar Electronic Inc.
Vacuum tubes at the Tubestore


VHDL and FPGA Design Tools From Accolade Design
Fluke Electronics
Green Mountain Computing Systems - VHDL Tools
Link Instruments, Inc. - Digital Scopes, Logic Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers (FFT).
TriTools Partners - Great CADD Stuff
Wavetek Meterman Test tools


EDN Access The Design Source for Engineers and Managers
EDTN The Electronics Design, Technology & News Network
electroBASE Homepage
FTP directory -pub-RCS at
Northcon - Local Tech Trade Show

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