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A technology industry veteran with a solid track record of developing successful and innovative products.

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Cisco Systems
07/99 - 05/07: Engineering Manager. Managed the engineering group responsible for the network interfaces to the Cisco ICM call router. Transitioned sustaining software work to WiPro India. Responsible for open source tracking and licensing for the entire ICM code base (>5M SLOC). Moved hardware manufacturing from local contract suppliers to Foxconn in Mexico. Managed the development and customization of our SS7 interface hardware and software stacks for numerous top tier international customers (BT, AT&T, China Post, Unisource,...). Managed the development of a C++ based INAP ASE that allowed our group to more rapidly and reliably generate custom INAP variants. Managed the development and certification of a PCI based SS7 link controller card with device drivers for Linux and WinNT. Instituted Cisco ISO 9000 development procedures for our group.

GeoTel Communications
12/98 - 7/99: Engineering Director. In late 1998 GeoTel Communications of Lowell, MA purchased Danar Corporation to insure continued and exclusive access to key Danar technologies that underpinned the GeoTel call router. This technology in the form of PC SS7 link controller cards and SS7 software stack allowed GeoTel to interface their multi-site call center router to the IXC networks and use the IXC networks to switch the calls. Worked with lawyers and accountants to finalize the deal. Responsible for the transition of all Danar business functions to GeoTel equivalents.

Danar Corporation
6/97 - 12/98: President. As a result of the founder (Dana J. Reinke) becoming ill, was promoted to corporate president. Led the company to it's best revenue years. Was twice recognized as one of the top 50 fastest growing technology companies in Washington state. Sustained a compound growth rate of 40% per year by acquiring new customers, creating new product lines, and adding employees. Managed all aspects of the corporation (Manufacturing, International Shipping, Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Sales, Facilities, HR). Negotiated the sale of Danar Corporation to our largest customer for combination of cash and stock.
2/97 - 6/97: Project Manager. Led the team that developed the software for Freightliner's class 8 truck instrument clusters. This software had very tight constraints for cost and memory footprint. This software was successfully placed in production in 8/97 and is currently installed in over 250,000 trucks.

08/08 - 06/09: Consulting Engineer. Developed test suites and hardware to support the FAA certification of the Triakis simulator for the Boeing 787, Airbus A320 and Airbus A400M programs. Test suites included PowerPC assembly language routines run on both physical hardware and virtual IcoSIM environments.

AccessLine Technologies Inc
3/95 - 12/95: Mini-Systems Manager. Led the conversion of the UNIX based applications to run on lower cost HA workstation configurations in addition to the prior hardware fault tolerant platform. Led the team that developed an OEM version of the AccessLine to be resold by major telecommunications manufactures.
6/93 - 3/95: DOS Software Manager. Responsible for leading both the continuing development of and enhancements to the AccessLine core software. Managed and grew a highly productive team of 30 software engineers under the stress of aggressive schedules. Managed and developed the conversion of the product to multilingual. Instituted product development procedures and methodologies. Initiated a software quality assurance program and software release procedures.
3/92 - 6/93: Senior Software Engineer. Responsible for product enhancements and maintenance of the AccessLine system software. This was a very large application consisting of over 500K lines of C source code.

US #5,327,493 - Device for Detecting Tones on a Telephone Line. ( a CPE stutter dialtone detector and MWI light )
US #5,327,493 Re-examination - Re-examination with additional clams

1978-1980 Seattle University - Continuing courses in Physics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering.
1974-1977 University of Washington - Bachelors program in Electrical Engineering with a major in computers and electronics.

Astrophotograpy - Taking photos of really big things.
Music - Building guitars and playing in musical theater orchestras.
Soaring - Flying a Schleicher Ka-6BR 15 meter standard class sailplane.

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